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Decorated Sugar Cookies 

All orders must be placed two weeks prior to the pick-up date, we are closed every Sunday and Monday.

Decorated Sugar Cookies have an order minimum of one dozen.

All cookies will be individually wrapped.

You may choose one of our designs and make your own personalizations or send us a reference photo of an idea you would like us to bring to life for you! 

 When you are ready to place your order you can do so online, by email or calling.

Pricing & Packaging

We offer three different pricing packages for decorated sugar cookies. Here is an order guide to assist you with planning your order! 


1-2 colors 

3 different shapes 


Name plaques or numbers

$45 per dozen


3-4 colors 

4-5 different shapes 



$57 per dozen


5+ colors

6+ different shapes

Layered design with very detailed art work

$72 per dozen

Order your Custom Cookies! 

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